Fall 2023

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 Fall 2023 at the ranch


We are welcoming in cooler weather and slower pace here at Cowtown! September was still busy around here, but November is brining some extra time for farm chores, clean-up and new construction. The micro-cabins/ huts are nearly complete with their shiplap walls going up. Lots of inspections have been complete with only one remaining


The most EXCITING news to share is that our much anticipated bathhouse is being delivered soon and I can't wait to get started on finishing it our Cowtown way! It will have 4 full baths with one being an ADA. If you don't know, accessibility is important as someone with disabilities myself! 


Our two yurts have now been taken down for the season and stored for next year. It's been a fun first season getting to know these unique structures! The yurts made it through 2 northeasters and several bad storms unscathed. In the spring they will have custom decks built to lift them up and keep things even drier. We plan on setting them back up in May and by our GRAND OPENING in June! 


Keep an eye on us as we have so many fun and exciting plans here at Cowtown Cabins! This year we also also introducing a daily schedule for tours and other activities you'll be able to experience while you're here. 


See you soon and stay safe everyone!